23 August 2006

Poetry Wednesday II

Several posts ago, I asked if anyone lurking had a good short story either about pen-pals, or letter- writing. I have been looking for something to replace a truly wonderful story called "Dear Marsha" about a girl who finally completes a pen-pal assignment with some surprising results. I would rather not replace the story, but apparently it is used in an 8th grade anthology and is verboten for mere 7th grade teachers. Oh well. As I was searching the web, I came across this interesting anthology. I am starting to read some of the stories. I hope one will work out (read: be appropriate for my lovelies), but I always like having a new source for class and I found it cheap on ebay. If anyone has any other stories they know of, ones that students would enjoy/ find meaning in, I'd appreciate it hearing about it.

Now, because it is poetry Wednesday, another selection from the esteemed Mr. Stafford. Thursday I will bring my physical children to my parents' home for a few days and we will walk to the lake where maybe, if we are lucky, we can watch the willows as they listen, gracefully, to our thoughts.

Why I Am Happy

Now has come, an easy time. I let it
roll. There is a lake somewhere
so blue and far that nobody owns it.
A wind comes by and a willow listens

I hear all this, every summer. I laugh
and cry for every turn of the world,
its terribly cold, innocent spin.
That lake stays blue and free, it goes
on and on.

And I know where it is.

----William Stafford

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