30 August 2006

I am really a geek. Or, "Ms. George goes back to school"

I actually made the step I've been talking and thinking about for three years. I am going back to graduate school to finish my second Master's Degree. The local SUni (my spelling) has a special program for a joint MA/MAT that enables graduates of one to have 15 credits toward the other as long as they start the second within five years of the first and complete the program in seven years total (extensions allowed for discretionary purposes). I hope that made sense.
My first class starts tonight, taught by a prof I really admire who wrote a letter for my applicant file when I was looking for a job. I am very psyched, but a bit scared too. I have been out of the classroom (as a student) for five years. Good thing I get to read Jane Eyre, Wide Saragasso Sea, and The Woman Warrior again.
Did I also tell you that I need to make my video and take my CST in English for my permanent certification this year? Ms. George will be one busy geek.
I'll let you know how the first night goes.


ms-teacher said...

Good luck on your new venture back to school - I'm thinking of going back as well to get my Masters. It'll probably wait until the oldest graduates from high school next year.

CaliforniaTeacherGuy said...

Brave soul!